Poem about 'A Dream: Shaking + Shocking vs Setting Free'

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Poem about 'A Dream: Shaking + Shocking vs Setting Free'


Workshop on The Art of Writing

run by Prof. Jem Poster

Assignment # 2 presented by Albert Hans on 1st August, 2006


Subject-matter/Theme/Topic: A Dream

Sterilising versus Fertilising


Sweating wet with fright that night,

I see things melting and floating away.

The torrent gets stronger to my dismay,

I am benumbed of what to say.


With flames blazing in on me,

Depriving me of cherished property,

Long-fostered dreams are vanishing away,

So sudden, so swift –

How have I deserved it?


The turmoil, this hurly-burly of flames

Increases with each second.

There is no end to disaster of such degree

Leaving me in utter misery,

At a loss of what to do

Against tiger-fierce brazing flashes of hell

Nourished on panels of hope.

‘Ma maison’, my materialized abode,

Now one shatter of a vision,

Bequeathing me despair and indecision!

Alas – the immense speed

At which those all-devouring monsters

Leap for me as if just to wait and see

What my chances will be.


In vain do my senses throb

Against this unfettered element of fire.
Relief - Release - Rescue

Seem infinitely far away.

Incessant, immeasurably obsessive, obtrusive is my pain

- No way to shake it off -

Until at last

Like a deus ex machina

The divine powers of Heaven set me free,

Putting me back to life – reality.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Poem about 'A Dream: Shaking + Shocking vs Setting Free'

What was it in this cause-and-effect relationship of life

Which made my sleep a strife,

An endless struggle to survive?

Was it the heat of the night

That bereft me of my senses

Or the oppressive warmth of a single blanket

Which inflicted such torture upon my soul?


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Oh, I see, the alarm clock must have rung at 7 o’clock sharp.

It’s two minutes past. I’ve got to get up fast.