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Willkommen bei Albert Hans - Anglist und Historiker | Ziele dieser Website

The overall idea of this website

The basic purpose of this website is of a multifarious character.

Primarily it is meant to be a publication and communication forum
A) all those interested in (my) appreciations of works and

    single passages from English literature.

    This part of the site is devoted to essays of mine

    composed during courses on literature, which I

    attended at colleges in ‘Oxbridge’ and the NYU

    in New York City years ago.

    All my written pieces in this section are designed to

    serve as stimuli /incentives primarily for senior class students

    at any kind of secondary schools who are striving

    if not ‘struggling’ to get good marks in their A-level

    subjects so that they will have a better chance to

    enrol at the university (college) of their first choice.

    In principle, of course, the English part of this site

    is aimed at everybody who rejoices in sipping bits of

    literary appreciations and pieces of creative writing

    offered here.

B) persons fond of scrutinizing my contributions to:

    a) historical aspects, i.e. controversial issues

        inherent to the development of my residential place,

        the town of Lambrecht near Neustadt a. d. Weinstr.

        in the Palatinate, this highlight of a wonderful region

        in the Southwest of Germany

    b) topical issues arising from conflicts and problems of

        our everyday life, be they of a political, social or economic

        kind or an inseparable entanglement of them.

Everybody, irrespective of their background whatsoever, is

invited to exchange their views with me. They are free to

comment on anything that is presented here as long as they are

constructive in their criticisms. Any counter-suggestions on

what is opinionated here will be welcome.

Albert Hans